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Staub & Associates Accomplishments

In 1988 John pioneered auto dealership applications  when he created an application for his client, Pentagon Car Sales, in Kaiserslautern, Germany. As the largest volume U.S. Military Sales BMW & Saab dealer in Europe, his client needed software to track client sales. Staub delivered a turn-key software application that helped the firm expertly and  efficiently manage it's clients interactions from the client's first visit to  the dealership to the delivery of the chosen automobile. 

In March 2000, Pentagon Car Sales contacted Staub & Associates to provide a turn-key, Windows  based system that would provide similar information to the older DOS-based  program, but would also meet their current business rules and practices,  including allowing remote access from satellite locations located throughout Germany, Italy and Spain.  Using dB2K, Staub  & Associates delivered the application that will continue to grow as the  needs of the company expand.  

Staub & Associates has become accustomed to helping a wide variety of  clientele apply software solutions to their diverse business needs.  Among their past clients are a company in Norway for which they produced a CD-ROM catalog; a  hardware store in Pennsylvania for an inventory control application, and pet groomers, for which they produced the award-winning software program, Clip'N'Groom Jr.©, which was selected as one of the top 25 new products for 1997 by the readers of Groom & Board Magazine, an industry trade publication.  The forensic economics, vocational rehabilitation and trial lawyers worlds warmly welcomed Personal Injury Loss  Calculator.©  Moving on to the genealogy world, Staub & Associates released GenIndex,© "The Everyname Indexer for Windows"

Staub has extensive experience in the fire protection world.  For 24 years,  he served as a fire fighter in the US Air Force, and was ultimately promoted to the grade of Senior Master Sergeant (E-8), a level only two percent of the enlisted force achieves.  While on active duty, he applied his software development talents to several military applications, including projects ranging from developing interoffice tracking systems to systems for the storage and  retrieval of classified data.  In addition, he served as project manager for a  new emergency and day-to-day data management system for Air Force fire protection, an application which not only provided emergency dispatch, but which also provided a wide variety of data analysis tools, giving Air Force Fire Chiefs critical and timely information for making split-second and  cost-efficient decisions.  His next to last duty assignment was as the Fire Chief at Tonopah Test Range, NV with the F-117A Stealth Fighter project.  He authored the Air Force Large Frame Aircraft Firefighting Guide and co-authored  the Air Force Composite Materials Firefighting Guide.  Most notably, he participated in the 1988 Ramstein AB, Germany Air Show disaster rescue and recovery and the 1995 Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing as Air Force Fire  Protection liaison.  He is certified by the International Fire Service  Accreditation Congress out of Oklahoma State University as a Fire Officer IV,  Fire Investigator II, Fire Instructor II, Fire Inspector II, and Airfield Fire Fighter.

Mr. Staub counts among his other career accomplishments:

  • Implementation and training for a $17 million Work Information Management  System for the Wang VS.  Conducted implementation at 13 different locations and  trained over 200 users.
  • Design and development of an office automation project at HQ USAFE Fire  Protection Division.  Utilized the Wang COBOL Application Generator to develop a  wide variety of programs to track over 600 vehicles, monitor the travel budget, track fire protection equipment marked for wartime usage, and facility construction design reviews.  
  • Designed and developed a networked system for use in contingencies and wartime. This application is used in tracking classified data on installation infrastructure, equipment, personnel, vehicles, airfield runway design and capability, etc.
  • Using dB2K, he designed and developed a  networked system for use at Air Force Fire Protection Headquarters to track all  Department of Defense fire fighter certifications.  This system tracks over 162,000 different certifications for over 60,000 DoD fire fighters. This information is transmitted to Oklahoma State University and used by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress to track fire fighter certifications in 47 states and Canada.
  • Served as Air Force Program Manager responsible for the design, development, implementation and funding of a $15 million Information Management System for  Air Force Fire Protection. This client/server based system runs over an Oracle database, interfaces with other standard systems, and provides for cost  accounting, personnel assignments, hazardous materials tracking, incident site management, fire dispatch, vehicle management, fire prevention engineering,  personnel management, and general administration.
  • Moen, Inc., a Fortune 1000 company, had a dBase/DOS program for logging customer support calls/orders. Recognizing the need to upgrade to a 32-bit application, Moen turned to Staub & Associates,  Inc. to assist in the development, training and deployment of this new system written entirely in dB2K.
  • Interspiro USA, Inc., a provider of emergency services products, needed to improve customer service. One of their primary customers is the US Air Force.  Because their worldwide customers operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and Interspiro is located in Branford, CT, they needed an ecommerce solution NOW. Many of the government purchases are through government issued credit cards. Staub & Associates, Inc. was able to provide the eCommerce solution 19 days ahead of schedule. Using a variety of techniques,  government customers can now order parts and equipment online at Interspiro's Online Store. This site  also provides 24/7 stores for Municipal/Commercial customers and Authorized Distributors, all with different pricing structures.
  • Air Force Fire Protection Headquaters maintains certification records for  over 60,000 Department of Defense (DoD) fire fighters worldwide. The application  used on their network to maintain these records is a dB2K based application. With limited manpower available to provide data updates, answer user inquiries, etc., the Air Force  turned to Staub & Associates to provide a web-based certification review system. Using the web tools in dB2k, Staub  & Associates, Inc. was able to provide a web-based application so these  lookups could be conducted across the Internet. Now these fire fighters, potential employers, etc., can go to http://www.dodffcert.com to review and validate these important certifications, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. This site handled over 536,000 queries during the year 2000.
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