IT Consulting

Staub & Associates, Inc.offers consulting & development services for a wide variety of areas including data modeling, database application design and development; web site hosting; web site design, and business process modeling. Staub & Associates has worked with Moen, IncMotorola, dBase, Inc., the U.S. Air Force, Taipalus Marketing and Consulting (TMC Company), Interspiro, Inc., Pentagon Car Sales, Eclipse Information Systems and many others.

Our services extend to a wide-variety of Information Technology related issues including networking, data management, integration of diverse information systems, application server setup and administration (especially Win2K Terminal Server), LAN/WAN/Internet based information systems, and other related areas. Additionally, we offer fee-based consulting and technical support for dB2K information systems development and conversion.

We specialize in developing and/or converting custom data management applications using dB2K to assist in taking your data and transforming it into information.  With a well planned data management system,  you can improve your business practices and make better business decisions  through use of available information. For example:  

  • Air Force Fire Protection Headquarters maintains certification records for over 60,000 Department of Defense (DoD) fire fighters worldwide.  The application used on their network to maintain these records is a dB2K based application developed by Staub &  Associates. With limited manpower available to provide data updates, answer user inquiries, etc., the Air Force again turned to Staub & Associates to provide a web-based certification review system. Using dB2K, Staub & Associates, Inc. was able to provide a web-based application so these lookups could be conducted across the Internet.   Now fire fighters, potential employers, colleges and universities, etc., go to to review and validate these important certifications, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  With over 162,000 certification records online, this site generally provides query results in less than 3 seconds.   No special tables, ODBC drivers, etc., were needed. We just tapped into the native power of dBase.  In the year 2000, this site handled over 536,000 queries.  This equates to reduced phone calls for the 3-person staff, freeing their time to perform other duties.
  • Pentagon Car Sales, the largest volume U.S. Military Sales BMW & Saab dealer in Europe, needed a Windows-based information system to automate many diverse functions in this multi-location company.  Staub & Associates developed a complete information system that included a centralized database for use by company locations in Germany, Italy and Spain.  This application allows all functions within the company to operate on “real-time” information through the use of a multifaceted information system running on a LAN at the headquarters location and on a Terminal Server for the outlying locations. Salespersons have the necessary tools to better serve their prospects and customers, Admin can handle the administrative tasks associated with a large, multi-national car dealership, and Management has the information available to make real-time, fact-based decisions and analysis.

Staub & Associates offers a complete line of services to suit your business needs.

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