Everton's Review

Reprinted with permission - Volume 53, Number 3, May-June 1999 - Everton's Genealogical Helper - www.everton.com

Thanks to both Everton Publishers, Inc. and Everton's Genealogical Helper for their permission!!

Just as you can't judge a book by its cover, you probably
shouldn't judge a book by its index. But that is exactly the way many people judge the
publications they use. Not because they are beset by bigotry, but because
they need to spend their time in the most efficient fashion. And let's face
it, a book without an index is often a pain to use.

So if you want your book to be read, and used, your best bet is an
excellent index. There are a variety of programs you can use to compile an
index, but Staub & Associates' GenIndex has been specifically designed with
family historians in mind. Its compact form and easy-to-learn features make
it easy to input surnames, given names, page numbers, titles, and other
elements of a good index, with the ability to print the index directly; or,
to export the data to another database or spreadsheet program by providing
files in common word processor, database, spreadsheet, or symbol-delimited

If you have been looking for a good special-use indexing program, the quick
learning curve and reasonable price of GenIndex may make it perfect for
your own software library.

System requirements:
Windows 3.x/95.98/NT
386 DX or faster processor
8 megabyts of RAM
6 megabytes of hard disc space
VGA monitor with a minimum 600 x 800 display

GenIndex . on CD-ROM or 3.5 inch disks. . . US $29.95

downloadable fully-functional demo version available on the Internet .. registration of this version is US $19.95

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