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The Multiple Indexer for Windows

GenIndex:  Provides traditional "everyname" or "back of the book" indexes.  Will accept only one input of a surname with multiple given names/pages with room for notes.  Requires given name input.

VersaDex:  Provides a format for census or cemetery indexes.   Will accept multiple occurrences of a surname with 160 positions for notes, lot no., etc.  For census use, will accept address, township, notes, etc.

Surname Index:  Provides for surname/ship's names/place names, etc. Useful for creating various single name indexes.  Narrative positions for notes.

With the multiple formats available in MultiDex, only your imagination and inventiveness limit the indices you can create.  The process is user friendly with intuitive input.  Full documentation is available through the Help files included with MultiDex.

Why MultiDex©?
MultiDex is fully Windows compliant - operates on Windows 95/98, and Win NT
You can freely distribute reports created with MultiDex without fear of distributing copyrighted materials and violating copyright laws
Reports can be used as-is - no need for additional word processing software
Report data can be exported to 16 different file formats for additional formatting with the click of a mouse
Data can be stored and retrieved as needed
Tested by genealogy researchers like yourself

MultiDex System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98 or Win NT (4.0)
  • 12 mg RAM
  • Printer
  • Approximately 8 mg free hard disk space

MultiDex Order Options

A free, fully-functional demonstration version of MultiDex is available for download by clicking here.  If you desire to register this version for unlimited use, cost is only $39.95 and can be registered by calling (850) 874-0801 with your Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

You can also order MultiDex on CD-ROM. Cost is $49.95 plus shipping & handling.   Florida residents will be charged sales tax. Click here to order MultiDex on CD-ROM using our Online Store, or call (850) 874-0801 with your Visa, MasterCard or American Express.



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