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This version is for Windows 95/98 & Win NT (4.0) Only!!  

If you previously downloaded MultiDex and your trial period expired, please do not download another copy.  It will not run.  

The file you are about to download is a self-extracting executable containing all the necessary files for your internet version of MultiDex. It is nearly 5.2 mg. in size, so the download may take awhile. Once you have downloaded this file, you need to install the software. To install the software, please follow these instructions:

1. Make a note of the directory you have saved this file to. Once the download is complete, exit your browser.

2. Using either File Manager or Windows Explorer, go to the directory you have saved this file in.

3. Highlight the file multidex.exe. Then double-click on multidex.exe (this will cause the necessary files to be extracted and the installation to begin).

4. We strongly recommend you review the readme.txt file when prompted. It contains important information regarding this version of MultiDex.


Download MultiDex Internet version                

 Depending on your browser, you may have to right click the above line to download this demo, then select Save Link As.


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